About Me

I am a mom. I am an atheist. These identities are neither mutually exclusive nor contradictory in my life. In fact, becoming a mom is what prompted me to be more honest about my lack of belief in god. My background is in education. For the better part of two decades, I’ve had direct experience (as either the teacher of record or a guest teacher) in education from early childhood education through college level coursework.

I am married. I have children. My parenting partner is agnostic. My children are—children! I am raising them to be freethinkers who can decide their life path based on evidence and critical inquiry.

This blog’s purpose is to document my journey as a Freethinking Parent. It is autobiographical in a memoir-esque sense. Some details will be altered or changed to better fit the narrative of a story (or to hide identifying details and contexts), but the tone and overall “picture” of the posts will accurately capture my current reality.  I intend to post a new entry at least every other week (and maybe even more often—it’s hard to know from week to week just how much time I will have!). This blog is meant to be a safe space. While free thought and honest inquiry are welcome, abusive and derisive comments are not and will be deleted.

Finally, this blog will remain anonymous for two reasons. (So if you think you know who I am, kindly send a message to my private email for further discussion; any comments “outing” me will be deleted.) The first is my children. I anticipate posting details of their lives which they might, as they grow older, not appreciate being connected with them publicly. In light of this reason, their identities will not be revealed and I will change personal details to protect them. The second reason is religious fundamentalists. Because I do have children, I need to protect myself and my family from the irrational thinking and actions of such religious fundamentalists. (If you think I’m being overly cautious, I invite you to check out the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church and reconsider!)

If you like my blog, follow me on facebook at Freethinking Parent.


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